DEFI was founded by Jerommie Smith, renowned watch builder and retired law enforcement officer.  Having successfully launched popular brands of tactical and luxury watches Jerommie wanted to get back to his roots and give back to those who selflessly serve or have served at home and abroad.  The objective was to build a mission quality watch, load it up with technology & features and set a game changing affordable price.  If doing all that wasn't enough, Jerommie made it part of the DEFI brand DNA that anytime someone purchases a watch, DEFI will give a BATTLEFIELD OR SCOUT watch to an active duty or veteran service member including military, police, fire & EMT first responders. ...straight up.  With much respect to brands that follow the buy 1 give 1 model to various folks in need, DEFI is the first to apply our social goodwill to the people that protect our streets, homes, country and lives 24/7/365.  "Driven""Independent""Bold" and "Fearless" are all words that encapsulate the DEFI attitude - It's time to #DefiTheOdds #DefiLogic